System Design and Integration

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Electronics System Design and Integration is one of the most integral part of OLatus. We provide our expertise in the field of automation, security, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and advanced robotics.

Our team is the most essential ingredient of our division. We have the best expertise available in the field.

We have the best prices for system design and development across the country. So now any feasible idea can become reality.

The most important part of a service is the response time. But in here, we believe time is the most essential resource and wasting it is. Not logical. So, get your design and integration in the least time possible.



Client Idea

Have an Idea? Share the same with us and make it into a reality


Check Feasibility

We will check the physical feasibility of the Idea and will plan accordingly our next phase of development.



After properly going all the permutations and combination, we will provide you with the beat quote possible.


Design and Development

Upon approval of the quote, we will proceed for design and development of the system


Prototype development

Once the design is ready, we will implement a prototype for further development of the system.


Final Product

Upon the approval of the prototype we will go forward with the final production and development of the system

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