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Opening hours: 10am - 6pm / Mon - Sat


We have various workshops and training going on throughout the year. Contact us if any such requirement is there. We specialize in Robotics, IOT, Embedded Systems, PCB Designing, Hardware Designing, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision. We also have online programmes for same.

All our courses are offered at a minimal price so that it can cost effective. Internship is provided with Stipend as per the Company rules.



Embedded system and robotics

The most interesting of all the courses. Learn the basics and advance way of Robotics combined with embedded system. Build interesting DIY bots while learning.
Course Curricular


Machine Learning with Computer Vision

It is one of most popular course available as of now. Learn to use Computer Vision with Machine learning algorithm to perform various real world applications.
Course Curricular


Artificial Intelligence with Python

AI is one of the most trending topics in today’s world. Learn various Artificial Intelligence algorithms in Python to predict different outcomes and applications.
Course Curricular


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designing

Learn to design printed circuit boards from our experts. However, PCB development is not carried out in this course. Work with our experienced mentor.
Course Curricular


Hardware Electronics Circuit Design

Learn to build electronic hardware systems from scratch. Circuit design is one of the most interesting field for electronics lovers. Work with our experienced mentor.
Course Curricular


Advance Robotics with Raspberry PI

Learn to use raspberry pi and implement it with robotics. It is advanced version of the basic robotics course with added features and more advance applications.
Course Curricular

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